Rising Artist Music Video


Rising Artist Music Video

There is a rising artist making waves in Los Angeles and around the world. The rising artist is Katja Glieson.  Also known as Katja-Angelique Glieson she is an Australian artist from the city of Melbourne. We have such a great time filming her previous video. It was a pop music video called “Look at Us.” That video was shot in San Fernando Valley in the Los Angeles metro. Shooting this video was just as fun! This music video production is titled, “Ride the Wave.” Katja and her dancers all rode that way with a great dance set. We left the San Fernando Valley and drove down to Long Beach for this one. We used the Thunder Studios to shoot it. This way the first time shooting inside that Long Beach studio. Hopefully it won’t be the last. It was an awesome studio to shoot in. We crazy lighting like Lekos, Maxi-Brutes and 10K/5K’s. It was directed by Adrian. And like always Adrian brings tons pf great imagination. Behind the 6K Red ultra HD camera was Justin McAleece. Ian McAleece was the assistant camera operator and took turns capturing the great footage. Doing the best boy work was Reggie Castaneda. The grip was Zach Hunter and Eve Morris was our over qualified PA. Ben Jackson and those representingTroy Entertainment where the producers. This was a great project to be a part of. We can wait for the next pop music video from rising artist Katja Glieson. She is a honor to work with.

If you want to check out more of out music production work please video our music video production portfolio. I am sure you will find tons of impressive work. For years Blare Video of Los Angeles has been focused on bringing top notch music video at of fraction of the big label cost. And the look just as good.

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