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Social media video production has become an important part of any company or organization’s marketing mix. Having a business profile on various social media video platforms has become an accentual component of running your business – even for companies that have never advertised. We’ve experienced this growth since we started making website videos in 2005. It has evolved and so have we.

High-Quality Imagery In Your Social Media Video Campaign

Content for a business’ social media campaign can integrate pictures, video, text, and graphics. Apps can now help you make a video with your phone and use a template to style it and drop in text. For many businesses, that might be sufficient! For those looking for something more professional and of better quality, we have a solution for you.

Capture Your Footage in 4K-8K

While many platforms don’t support Ultra HD, it’s still beneficial to start with the best footage possible. 8K resolution might be overkill for some projects; it costs more and you need more storage capacity. However, it might make perfect sense for others. Usually the higher the resolution you go, the better the camera. You also benefit from a richer color spectrum, higher dynamic range, and, of course, a bigger canvas to work with. This allows the editors the ability to reframe and crop with losing quality. It also future-proofs your content in case you want to re-purpose your footage.

Our Approach

Creating content for a social media video campaign requires a different approach to your traditional TV/cable commercial ad campaign. While they can share a lot of elements, the deliverables are a lot different. The attention span of the viewer is short and you’re competing with the content of users your target is following. Thus, you need different video lengths, spec sizes, image framing, titling, and messaging.

The Different Video Specs

Horizontal (Common HD Format) – 16:9 ratio, 1920 x 1080 pixels

Vertical (Portrait) – 9:16 ratio or 4:5 ratio, maximum pixel size varies

Square – 1:1 ratio, maximum pixel size varies

16:9 Ratio

1:1 Ratio

4:5 Ratio

9:16 Ratio

Creating Content To Use Across All Platforms

To achieve this you would have to shoot at a minimum of 4K resolution. Secondly, your framing needs to be wider and centered. If you’re shooting in 4k, you can crop the edges of the video to go square or vertical (9:16 ratio). You will have plenty of resolution to go 1080 x 1080 (square) or 1080 x 1920 (vertical) or higher. At times, this approach is not the most ideal. You may have stuff showing on the edges of the image that you may not have wanted when creating the horizontal video – just one of the trade-offs.

Shooting Vertical

If you know you want to create footage specifically for smartphones, then shooting vertically is the way to go. You turn your camera 90 degrees like a photographer when taking portraits. It requires some rigging, since most video cameras are designed to shoot horizontally, but we can easily mount our cameras vertically on a gimbal.


The workflow for social media video production is different. If we’re planning on making multiple format versions of the same footage, our editor can easily work with 3 different sequences. Text is more important in these social media platforms since users may have the audio off when scrolling. Having a graphics package to be used across different platforms is a must if you’re planning to be active with video content. It keeps everything uniform and it also saves time, since you aren’t starting from scratch. Finally, we can deliver your video in any format needed. With so many social media platforms, it’s important to understand the specs to enable optimal playback.


Repurpose Older Footage

Older Footage

Cropped & Repurposed

We can create whole new campaigns for our clients by repurposing old footage. If your content is only in 1920 x 1080 HD, we can still use it by squaring it. That means we can crop the edges and export out a 1080 x 1080 video which will look better on a smartphone.

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