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At BLARE Video we offer an array of video production services. We have experience in many facets of video creation, meaning we can run the whole show or fill any video production role and/or equipment need. Most of our services fall into one of the following categories:


A national 30-second TV commercial costs $50,000-$100,000 to produce; more if you have a celebrity pitch person or you want something that sticks out during the Super Bowl. Local advertisers have a fraction of that budget. For years, we’ve been taking those local budgets and delivering national-quality TV spots.


The definition of a corporate video can be broad. They can include industrial, agriculture, testimonial, instructional/tutorial, company promotional, corporate/company events, employee messaging, industrial, and conference/trade show videos. They may be different, but all require creative storytelling – another one of our strengths!


A peek at our music video portfolio says it all – we’ve worked with a wide variety of music artists and labels. Many of our clients have a clear idea of what they want, yet they still look to us to provide our expertise. This is where we deploy our most creative techniques, moods, and effects. We can make something pretty look prettier; attention to detail is embedded in our music video teams.


Lights, camera, action! For years BLARE Video has been an ideal place for independent filmmakers. Since we rolled out our 4K Ultra HD Red One in 2007, we have been able to provide an alternative to 35mm films. We incorporate sophisticated sound equipment with talented cinematographers and directors. Additionally, we’ve built a large collection of lighting, electrical, and grip gear.

Video is becoming an important part of any business’ marketing campaign. We can create and deliver engaging social media videos in multiple formats, such as standard horizontal (landscape) HD, square, and vertical videos. With so many social media platforms it’s important to understand the specs to enable optimal playback.

Developing top-notch video production teams is the life source of our company. We’ve established a lot of teams throughout the western states whom are fully vetted or personally trained. We can staff large projects or fill single roles such as camera ops, audio techs, gaffers, etc.… We can also handle last-minute bookings or changes.


Weve added tons of gear through the years. Even as some of our older light kits are being replaced by lighter LEDs. We started with a grip truck and have added 2 grip vans. In addition to our gear and cameras, we can source anything that’s needed on a shoot at any of our locations. Please note that we do not do dry rentals.” That means anything that is rented from us needs to come with a crew member. 


Like other areas of video, aerial drone capabilities are evolving. Increased autonomous functions and smaller, more powerful cameras have brought down the cost of capturing incredible footage. We can still fly a Red Helium and capture footage in 8K, it just isn’t as necessary. What’s important is having a solid, experienced, and FFA Drone Certified team.


When it comes to going live, you only have one chance to do it right. When out on location, it’s always a good idea to set up and run tests the day before. When receiving venue audio and video feeds, sometimes those connection don’t communicated properly. You don’t want to be troubleshooting a couple of hours before going live; this is where our TDs and engineers earn their keep.


Our established post-production workflow has given us the ability to capture footage in any city in the US and still maintain our quality control. The majority of the work is done at our editing center inside our headquarters. For editors outside of our editing center, we have a uniform editing process that makes it easy for any editor to jump on another project without skipping a beat. We also provide on-site editing.

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BLARE Video is a Los Angeles base company. Important to note that we offer these vide production services across the United States. 
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