Music Video Production

BLARE Video in Los Angeles has been specializing in music video production since 2006. Shortly after receiving our Red One Ultra HD camera, we have been hard at work. We have become the stop for artists that want that high-quality-look without breaking the bank.

Here is one of our first music videos:

How much do music videos cost?

Major record labels and household named artists can easily spend $500,000 on a music video. Some have spent incredible amounts. In 1995, the Michael and Janet Jackson video “Scream” had an estimated $7,000,000 cost. Madonna has 3 music videos with an estimated cost of $5,000,000 or more. Most of these expensive music videos were produced during the golden age of MTV; the most recent high budget music video is Gwen Stefani’s 2016 “Make Me Like You”, which came in at around $4,000,000. After MTV started dedicating its programming to reality shows and the Internet blew up, labels and artists stopped spending as much on their music video production. Things are, once again, changing. Some might argue that we’re heading for another Golden Age of music video production; some artists are making more money off video views than record sales. That’s great news for production houses that specialize in music videos – not so much for a self-funded independent recording artist or artist signed to smaller labels and management companies. They may feel that it’s going to be harder to compete.

Solution for those looking to build or maintain a Brand!

Our clients put value on brand aesthetics. Think about it! This could be your first chance to make the right impression. It could also be pivotal to establishing your image. There’s no guarantee spending big money on a music video will catapult your music career. It’s also rare for viral cell videos to help launch a music career. While the cell phone videos Justin Bieber’s mother recorded help him become discovered, once he signed, Users label put plenty of money into his music videos and brand.

Some of our work:

Our most basic music video production package ensures that you will be seen in the best light and color! Since the Nicci Nix, we’ve been shooting just about every music video in 4K Ultra HD. With newer versions of the Red cameras, we can go up to 8K. Another thing that’s important to quality is the glass; having a good lens collection is key, but so is having a camera operator or director of photography (DP) that knows how to use it. Another important factor is lighting. Our grips and gaffers are skilled at lighting and can create the desired mood. Our whole crew works together to set up and dial in every shot. We don’t skip on attention to detail. Once it’s shot, our editors can spend 20-30 hours on the edit, plus color grading/correction and revisions. The final product will look professional and polished! We like to say that we can make something pretty look prettier. See for yourself and check out our portfolio.

How much do our Music Videos Cost?

Our music videos can vary in cost. We’ve worked with budgets North of $20,000. However, our most common range is between $6,000 to $10,000.
For example, for right around $6,000 you would get:
Full-Day Shoot (up to 10 hrs)
4k Ultra HD Camera Package
Grip Gear, Lighting, and Camera Support
Cinematic Lens Package
3-4 Person Crew
20 Hour Edit, Color Correction, and 2 Rounds of Revisions

We can also come to shoot the video and turnover footage for a less. To get a more exact quote, schedule a free consultation with one of our producers.

What to check out some more detailed pricing? We offer a few different music video production packages.