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This was a fun TV spot. However, it does tackle a sensitive issue. That issue is bullying and how to talk about it with kids. We were fortunate that one of our friends was willing to lend out his home. Windsong Productions was responsible for the pre-production and post-production. The also directed the TV spot. We came in with the camera, crew, and gear. A common theme when we work together. After working on so many projects we have established a great synthesis. This comes through in the final product.

We are capable of taking a project from concept to reality. However, we welcome collaboration. Reach out if you need a video production crew.

Here is the video transcription:

Oh hey, Andrew how was school today?

Well, it was a very frustrating day. Tommy was teasing me about my haircut and that was embarrassing. As a way of coping with my embarrassment, I became angry. I’m ashamed to admit it dear mother but I could not resist striking Tommy with my fist. While this act of emotional release did offer a moment’s respite from my embarrassment the victory was short-lived. The next thing I knew Tommy had immobilized me with a headlock and gave me what is referred to colloquially as a swirly.

This isn’t how kids communicate but they do communicate in other ways. Play is a child’s first language. When a child plays they express thoughts and feelings that would otherwise remain hidden. That’s why play therapy can be a powerful tool for addressing a child’s cognitive-behavioral and emotional challenges. Licensed mental health practitioners use play therapy to help children process their experiences and develop more effective strategies for managing their world. To learn more about play therapy and registered play therapists visit


I really just need is a chocolate milk on the rocks and a long soak in the tub.