Restaurant Commercial


Restaurant Commercial

Restaurant commercial production can sometimes be easy when working with he right client. We recently had the pleasure of assisting in the production of a commercial for Yosemite Ranch. This gem of a restaurant has swiftly carved a niche for itself as one of the city’s premier steak houses. Set against the beautiful backdrop of the sugar pine trail, Yosemite Ranch offers more than just tantalizing meals; it offers a sense of community and warmth. It’s not just a restaurant, it’s a neighborhood haven.

Dave Fansler, the driving force behind Yosemite Ranch, plays a crucial role in its success. With his hands-on leadership and wealth of experience, he has created a welcoming atmosphere that influences the entire staff. He believes in the simple but effective principle of sourcing premium quality ingredients and letting their natural flavors shine through in the dishes, all of which are skillfully cooked over red oak flames.

This is not our first rodeo with Yosemite Ranch. In fact, it’s the second commercial that we have collaborated on and we’re excited about what’s in store for this flourishing restaurant.

The talented team at Windsong Productions took the helm for the production and direction of these two commercial spots. Kyle Gentz and Justin McAleece were the linchpins behind the camera, while our other seasoned crew members including Albert Fladger, Ian McAleece, and Dave Werner, provided exceptional support. The filming was accomplished using two top-of-the-line Red UHD Cameras complemented by a variety of lenses.

We’re brimming with pride over the commercial’ produced for Yosemite Ranch and are heartened by the sustained praises it continues to generate. We’re immensely grateful to Dave, for his relentless trust and faith in our capabilities.

Understanding that advertising is an enormous investment, we were committed to delivering nothing short of excellence for the Yosemite Ranch spot. The process, albeit challenging, was indeed fulfilling, and much of our success boils down to meticulous planning and strategic execution.

Concept Creation and Scripting

Our first step involved an in-depth brainstorming session with the storyboard team to envision a compelling concept for the advertisement. The quintessential ranch vibe needed to be the focal point with a dash of culinary magic dust sprinkled throughout. With an astounding setting and delectable food, we intended to pique viewers’ curiosity and appetites!

Casting and Filming

Correct casting is a keystone of effective commercials.

Therefore, we spent significant time handpicking talents who would flawlessly portray the warmth and enthusiasm characteristic of Yosemite Ranch. The filming process was characterized by the attention to detail, from capturing the beautiful vista of the ranch to zooming in on the sizzling steaks right off the grill.

Editing and Final Touches

Next, our skilled editors worked their magic, sewing together the captured moments into a story that encapsulates the unique Yosemite experience. The final touches included a mesmerizing background score, compelling voice-over, and superb graphics, turning the raw footage into an aesthetically pleasing package.


We were delighted with the final result; however, the real victory was the overwhelmingly positive feedback from our viewers. Providing a tantalizing sneak peek into Yosemite’s offerings, our commercial managed to stimulate the viewers’ taste buds and their sense of wanderlust.

Commercial creation is not just about selling a product or a service, but creating an emotional connection with viewers. We believe wholeheartedly in this philosophy. We’d like to extend our gratitude once again to Dave for entrusting us with this project. His trust spurred us to create the impeccable Yosemite Ranch commercial that is continuing to resonate with viewers, helping Yosemite Ranch reach new heights of success.

The first restaurant commercial was reportedly produced in the early 1940s, ushering in a new era of advertising.

Regardless of being a small bistro, a trendy fast-food hub, a family-owned diner, or a fine dining establishment, every type of restaurant can benefit tremendously from a well-crafted commercial. Restaurants thrive on catches of positive impressions and a visually enticing commercial can achieve just that. From showcasing mouthwatering dishes, atmospheric ambiance, stellar service, to unique selling propositions, commercials allow restaurants to convey a compelling narrative, thus driving patronage and revenue growth.

Creating a high-quality restaurant commercial starts with a solid concept and thorough scripting. You must put considerable thought into scripting, as it forms the backbone of your commercial. Decide on the unique focus of your restaurant, whether it’s the food, ambiance, service, or something special that sets you apart. Develop a concise yet expressive script that communicates this focus effectively and engagingly to your audience.

Next comes casting and filming. A vibrant cast can bring your commercial to life, so consider hiring professional actors and directors. Remember, your choice of cast should resonate with your target audience. The filming stage is where your script enters the real world. Capture the mouth-watering dishes, the welcoming staff, and the unique aspects of your restaurant mentioned in your script. It’s essential to create moments that are both visually stunning and emotionally compelling.

After filming, you move to the editing process, which is all about final touches. A skilled editor can take good footage and turn it into a great commercial. They’ll trim down the footage, add voiceovers or music, and make sure the commercial flows and connects with viewers. It’s important to remember that the quality of your editing can make or break your commercial, so don’t skimp on it.

Once your commercial is ready, roll it out and monitor the results. Gauge the response from your audience and evaluate the impact of the commercial on your footfall and sales. This phase is critical for learning and improvement. If the results are positive, congratulations! But even if they’re not as expected, don’t worry. Every step is a lesson in the journey to mastering the art of creating a great restaurant commercial. Remember, what matters most is the continuous effort to improve and an unwavering dedication to quality storytelling.

Blare Video stands out as the go-to force for creating remarkable restaurant commercials. With keen attention to the unique needs of each restaurant, this team of seasoned professionals brings to life compelling video content that resonates with diverse diners’ tastes. They possess in-depth knowledge of the food and beverage industry, coupled with a mastery of marketing strategies, which aids them in showcasing the essence of a restaurant in its entirety.

Starting with the concept creation and scripting, Blare Video harnesses innovative ideas to create a narrative that captures not just the dining experience, but also the values, personality, and atmosphere of each restaurant. From tantalizing close-ups of the cuisine to the immersive ambience, every detail is meticulously fashioned into a compelling story.

In the process of casting and filming, Blare Video’s expertise shines through. Their team includes proficient casting directors who find the right talent to bring authenticity to the commercial. The filming process is handled with top-end equipment, ensuring crystal clear visuals and exceptional audio quality.

The journey doesn’t end with filming. The post-production stage is where the pieces come together to form a seamless narrative. Each commercial undergoes careful editing, with special effects, background scores, voice overs, and color grading added as the final touches, all geared towards creating a commercially effective, visually pleasing advertisement.

Not only does Blare Video produce excellent commercials, they also help monitor and evaluate the impact of the commercial on the restaurant’s reach and sales performance. The intent is to not just create a one-time ad, but to foster continuous growth and learning. Myriad restaurant owners have seen positive results following their collaboration with Blare Video, witnessing increases in customer traffic and enhanced brand recognition.

So, why choose Blare Video? It’s simple – they’re more than just a production house. They’re storytellers, strategists, and partners who are invested in your success. Hosting an unwavering dedication to quality and a keen understanding of the food and beverage industry, Blare Video should undoubtedly be your first choice for crafting a restaurant commercial that leaves your audience hungry for more.

In conclusion, creating a great restaurant commercial relies not just on high production values, but a deep understanding of storytelling and the food industry. Working with a team like Blare Video, who bring both technical expertise and industry insight to the table, will not only deliver an aesthetically pleasing advertisement but one that truly connects with your audience and leaves a lasting impression. Remember, an effective restaurant commercial is not just about showcasing your food or venue, it’s about crafting a compelling narrative that tantalizes the audience and tempts them through your doors.

So, if you’re ready to elevate your restaurant advertisement game, to breathe life into your culinary story, and engage with your audience in an impactful and memorable way, the time is now. Take the first step towards creating a commercial that is more than just a visual presentation but a tantalizing and immersive sensory experience. Let us help you highlight your unique dining atmosphere, your exquisite menu offerings, and effectively communicate what sets your restaurant apart from the plethora. Harness the power of professional videography and savvy industry insight with us. You have the opportunity to not only reach but also resonate with your target audience in an enticing way that inspires them to walk through your doors. There’s no better time than now, and there’s no better team than Blare Video to help bring your vision to life. So, what are you waiting for? Tap into the pulse of your potential customers and serve them a taste of what’s waiting for them at your restaurant – contact us today and let’s start this exciting journey towards a successful, standout restaurant commercial.

About Yosemite Ranch

Our beloved Yosemite, along with the Valley, share an intertwined history dating back to the early 1900s. Now referred to as Shepherd, the route previously served as the passage for logs being transported from areas surrounding Yosemite directly to the Sugar Pine Lumber Co. in Pinedale. We take immense pride in fusing a slice of history with the modern dining experience to establish a unique Fresno restaurant – a place as deeply rooted in history as it is in tune with contemporary tastes. Renowned restaurant owner Dave Fansler has skillfully combined years of culinary expertise and hospitality to shape the unique ambiance of Yo Ranch! For more fascinating details, feel free to explore their website: Yosemite Ranch

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