Restaurant Commercial


Restaurant Commercial

Here is a restaurant commercial we helped produce. The spot was for Yosemite Ranch. In a short time, Yosemite Ranch has become one of the finest steak houses in the area. It’s right on the sugar pine trail. Filled with friendly, warm, chill, people, who love the menu. It’s also known as a friendly neighborhood restaurant It all starts with the restaurant’s leader, Dave Fansler. His hands-on approach sets the tone for the entire staff while sharing his rich experience. From selecting the very best ingredients and letting them speak for themselves to cooking on red oak flames. This is the 2nd of two spots we’ve worked on.

Windsong Productions produced and directed the two spots. Kyle Gentz and Justin McAleece shoot the commercial spots. The rest of our crew including Albert Fladger Ian McAleece and Dave Werner did great. Two Red UHD Cameras were used with an assortment of lenses.

We’re extremely proud of the work we’ve done with Yosemite Ranch and continue to receive compliments on the restaurant commercial. Thanks, Dave, for your continued trust.

About Yosemite Ranch

The story of Yosemite and the connection with our Valley goes back to the historic logging days of the early 1900’s. What we now call Shepherd was once the route traveled by the logs heading for the Sugar Pine Lumber Co. in Pinedale directly from the areas surrounding Yosemite. We love that we are able to reach back into a bit of history to create a Fresno restaurant that is as historic as it is right on que for today’s dining experience. Fresno restauranteur Dave Fansler has brought together years of restaurant experience and hospitality to create a truly unique vibe, only Yo Ranch! You can read more on their site: Yosemite Ranch

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