National TV Spot


National TV Spot

This national TV spot was great to work on. When you see it on TV somewhere across the country it is hard to not take pride. Any contribution is welcomed. For this spot, we all tried to contribute to the project. From our producer auditioning talent and tracking down owls and trainers from zoos. To the set designers helping us build a bedroom in the middle of a studio. Even the production assistant that was tasked with babysitting the owls. Yes, owls. Two to be exact. No know and actor owl and stunt double. But two in case one flies off to chase a mouse. On a project like this, you need a backup plan. This was the second time we worked with animal talent. Both are interesting experiences. Incidentally, the other was also for a medical national TV spot.

183 Degrees hired us to help them produce this spot for American HomePatient featuring the talking owl. 183 Degrees also brought in the director Rory Phoenix and he patiently did a masterful job. Everything was shot inside our Los Angeles studio. In the center of a huge green where we built that set from scratch. We provide the full crew. The director of photography, gaffer, grip, make artist, audio tech, set designer, stylist, and production assistant were all part of our team. We rolled in with a 2 Ton GE grip truck. We also brought in our UHD Red Camer and Lens Kit. From there the footage found its way to our post-production department. That is where our editors make the birds talk. I mean the owl. And no torture was involved. Only some high-level rotoscoping. Again a great experience We hope you enjoy watching it. Better yet we hope you watched it on your own TV.

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