National TV Spot


National TV Spot

Witnessing your participation in a national TV spot being broadcasted across the country is a gratifying experience. Every bit of contribution plays a significant role. In the production of this particular spot, everyone worked in tandem. The producer’s role entailed talent scouting, and even sourcing for owls and respective trainers from zoos. Meanwhile, the set designers demonstrated their skills by constructing a bedroom replica right in the heart of a studio. There was also a dedicated production assistant assigned to take care of the owls. That’s correct, there were two owls to ensure there’s a replacement ready should one get distracted by a potential prey. Every project of this nature demands a contingency plan. Interestingly, this is our second venture involving animal talents, with the previous one being for a medical national TV spot.

Our team was thrilled to work alongside 183 Degrees to produce a national TV spot for American HomePatient, featuring our very own animated owl. The talent of Rory Phoenix, whom 183 Degrees brought in as director, was integral to the project. Under Phoenix’s patient and steady direction, we transformed our Los Angeles studio into a vibrant, captivating set, visualized from scratch.

The highly skilled crew comprised of a director of photography, gaffer, grip, makeup artist, audio technician, set designer, stylist, and production assistant, all of whom were vital to executing this project. Our 2 Ton GE grip truck came packed with everything we needed for a smooth shoot, including our state-of-the-art UHD Red Camera and Lens Kit.

The magic continued in our post-production department, where the technical prowess of our editors saw the owl learn to “speak”. Rest assured, no owls were harmed! It was, however, a sophisticated exercise in rotoscoping. The experience was rewarding and we hope you enjoyed watching it as much as we enjoyed creating it. Ideally, we hope you had the chance to view it from the comfort of your own living room TV.

Now, let’s embark on the journey to create your very own national TV spot. This is an adventure that combines creativity, technical expertise, and focused strategic thinking. But don’t fret! We’re here to guide you every step of the way.

Step 1: Develop a Clear Concept

First off, it’s time to brainstorm. You need a clear, concise idea. This concept serves as the backbone of your TV spot, the fundamental driving force behind every subsequent decision. Now, don’t feel pressured to come up with a world-changing idea. Instead, focus on delivering a message that’s true to your brand and engaging for your audience.

Step 2: Write a Striking Script

Next up, script writing. This is where your idea takes shape. Remember, in a national TV spot, every word matters. So, hone your dialogue until it’s sharp, impactful, and catchy. Your script isn’t just about the words spoken, it also includes the actions of your characters, the setting, and the mood.

Step 3: Assemble Your Production Team

Ready to see your script come alive? You’ll need a talented production team for that. This includes directors, producers, cameramen, and actors. They provide the technical expertise and creative vision necessary to turn words on a page into a memorable TV spot.

Step 4: Shoot and Edit Your TV Spot

It’s action time! This stage can be both challenging and exhilarating. Overcome those production day jitters as you see your vision come to life one scene at a time. Once the shooting is complete, the footage is handed off to the post-production team to be edited into a polished final product.

Step 5: Evaluate and Deliver

Finally, it’s time to review your masterpiece. Make sure the final spot aligns with your original concept and communicates your message effectively. Once you’re satisfied, your TV spot is ready to air! And voila, you’ve successfully created a national TV spot from scratch.

Believe us when we say this: the process of creating a national TV spot is both a challenging and rewarding endeavor. But remember, it’s not just about the end result. Every step, every decision, every hiccup encountered along the way, they’re all part of the journey. Embrace them, learn from them, and enjoy the experience. Here’s to creating many more national TV spots in the future!

A national TV spot and a local or regional TV spot differ significantly in terms of reach and cost. When you create a national TV spot, your advertisement is broadcasted throughout an entire nation. This means that it has the potential to be seen by millions of viewers, making it an excellent tool for promoting products or services on a grand scale. Because of this broad reach, however, national TV spots generally demand higher costs for both production and airtime.

On the other hand, local or regional TV spots are confined to specific areas or regions. These advertisements are ideal for businesses that wish to reach a concentrated geographic audience, like a particular city or state. The costs associated with local or regional TV spots are typically lower, reflecting the comparatively smaller viewer base. These spots can be highly effective for local businesses or campaigns seeking to establish a strong presence within a specific community or market.

Hiring Blare Video for your national TV spot is crucial for several reasons. Blare Video is an established video production company well-versed in creating engaging and memorable national TV spots. Their experience spans across industry verticals, providing assurance that they can effectively represent and market your brand, no matter what sector you operate in.

Blare Video boasts an impressive track record in delivering TV spots that capture audience attention and drive brand engagement. They understand the dynamics of national television advertising and tailor your TV spot to meet the expectations of a diverse audience. With Blare Video, you can expect your brand message to be promoted in a compelling, relatable and impactful manner.

Moreover, their commitment to high production values means that your TV spot will be of excellent quality, thereby boosting your reputation and credibility in the eyes of viewers. Investing in Blare Video for your national TV spot means investing in superior representation for your brand on a national stage.

So, you’ve got all the previous steps covered, but you might be wondering: where is the best location in the US to produce a national TV spot? Well, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer to this question. The location will depend largely on the concept and message of your TV spot. However, certain cities in the US are renowned for their robust entertainment and production industries, making them top choices for TV spot production.

Los Angeles, California, for instance, is an excellent choice given its rich history in film and television production. Home to a host of production facilities, experienced workforces and a diversity of stunning sceneries, this city is well-equipped to handle productions of any scale.

New York City is another hotbed for production, boasting world-class studios and a vibrant urban backdrop that fits a wide array of themes and concepts. This city’s eclectic energy can truly add a distinct flair to your TV spot.

Alternatively, Atlanta, Georgia has risen in prominence in recent years, with many notable films and shows being produced there. Its more affordable production costs, advantageous tax credits, and wide range of indoor and outdoor shooting locales make it an increasingly popular choice for TV ad production.

Ultimately, the best location for creating your national TV spot will be one that aligns with your concept, budget, and production needs, whether that’s in one of these cities or beyond!

With Blare Video at your beck and call, the possibilities for your national TV spot are endless. No matter the destination, Blare Video’s exceptional skill, combined with their wide network, makes them a reliable resource at every step of your project.

Whether you’re shooting in bustling city centers or remote landscapes, Blare Video has established a strong presence in key areas across the country. This means they’re readily available to step in and assist wherever your concept leads you. Their in-depth knowledge of diverse locales allows them to manage logistics efficiently, ensuring a smooth filming experience regardless of the location.

Perhaps you’re considering a location beyond Blare Video’s physical reach? Don’t let geographical bounds limit your vision! Blare Video can ‘fly-in’ using local expertise, adding value to your production without increasing your marketing spend. With a network of skilled professionals on their roster, Blare Video can assemble a local team to bring your concept to life. That way, you’re tapping into indigenous knowledge and talent, while maintaining the highest production standards.

In essence, whether you’re shooting on familiar grounds or exploring new territories, Blare Video’s dynamic capability and adaptive approach can transform your national TV spot production into an exhilarating adventure. With Blare Video on your team, rest easy knowing that your production is in capable hands, regardless of the location.

In conclusion, creating a national TV spot can be a thrilling journey. From conception to delivery, each step requires meticulous attention to detail, a clear and compelling vision, and a team of professionals capable of bringing that vision to life. Thankfully, with an adaptable partner like Blare Video by your side, you’re in an inspiring position to craft a TV spot that resonates on a national scale, regardless of the location. Trust in their proven expertise, and enjoy the exciting journey of producing a national TV spot.

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