Live Streaming Video Series


Live Streaming Video Series

The “Engineering Grand Challenges” is a live streaming video series that we brought to life in collaboration with Arizona State University (ASU) and the National Academy of Engineering (NAE). Comprising 13 live-streamed events hosted on ASU’s campus, each event featured a unique guest speaker, with returning hosts keeping the series cohesive. Speakers identified specific engineering challenges, proposed potential solutions, and after their presentation, engaged with the audience by answering questions from those tuning in remotely. The production of the series came to an end in early March 2020.

What was our role in this?
Video Production
Before the launch of the series, our team masterminded the video introduction displayed on our portfolio page. For each event, all we needed to do was customize it with the name of the respective event’s speaker.

Live Stream Handling
Each event required the setup of three cameras. To capture the presentations, we connected the speaker’s computer directly to our switcher station. Our setup allowed us to seamlessly alternate between camera views and presentation slides. Audio input was facilitated from the venue’s sound board, and we subsequently provided our program feed to an ASU official responsible for the internet connectivity.

The Live Streaming Video Series ran intermittently from 2019 to 2020. Regrettably, the COVID-19 pandemic preempted our series. We are keenly looking forward to restarting the series once normalcy returns.

Indeed, our endeavors to share enlightening and engaging content with our audience have faced unpredictable hurdles. Pandemics and other such unprecedented circumstances, however, have only driven us to harness even more powerful and effective techniques for live streaming series production.

Adopting Advanced Technologies

In recent times, we’ve observed a surge in the use of innovative technologies and platforms for live streaming, pushing the boundaries of what a virtual space can truly offer. Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and 3D technologieshave rocketed popular live streams to new heights, capturing audiences in a completely immersive experience.

Connecting with The Audience

More than just providing an immersive viewing experience, our aim extends to fostering genuine connections with our audiences. We’ve found that live chat features, Q&A sessions, and direct engagements through comments can transform the perceptions and experiences of viewers, adding a personal touch to every live stream.

Pre-Production Planning

A successful live streaming series invariably requires meticulous pre-production planning. From shaping your content to closely reflect audience preferences, to perfecting the technical details, this stage is all about proactive preparation. We consider every minute aspect from camera angles to lighting conditions, ensuring that when we hit that ‘live’ button, it’s showtime to remember.

Multicamera Setups

While a single camera can create a comfortable intimacy, we’ve found that using multicamera setups can considerably enhance the production value. This not only offers varied perspectives, but it also makes your stream visually stimulating and keeps your viewers interested and engaged for longer durations. Remember, it’s all about enriching your audience’s viewing experience!

Post-Production Editing

After the live stream, there’s always ample room for enhancements. Post-production editing gives you the opportunity to refine and fine-tune your content. This might involve cutting fluff, fixing audio, or even adding graphics. It’s this attention to detail that elevates your live video streaming series to the next level.

Even with the temporary break in our series due to unexpected situations, our resolve remains unbroken. We’re confident in the resilience and adaptability that live streaming series production offers. So, stay tuned for the new, improved, and resilient production of our series in the future!

Blare Video stands as a pillar in the realm of live streaming video series production with its proficiency in utilizing advanced technologies. This is not just about harnessing the power of the latest tech-tools. More importantly, it’s about adapting swiftly to every technological advancement, implementing it effectively and ensuring the delivery of a top-notch viewing experience.

Why Hire Blare Video For You Live Streaming Video Series Production

Understanding the essence of real-time interaction in live streams, Blare Video excels in forming authentic connections with the audience. Our team knows well that it’s not just about streaming content, but also about engaging viewers and building a dedicated fan base. By leveraging interactive elements and responding to viewer feedback, we make the audience feel part of the live experience.

We shine in the essential element of pre-production planning too. Attention to detail is our core strength that aids in creating a roadmap for each episode. Our meticulous planning ensures everything from scripts to set design and from costumes to character development is flawless. This strategic arrangement helps in reducing hiccups during the live shows.

Another feather in our cap is our expertise in multicamera setups. It may seem like a technical aspect, but this makes a significant difference in production quality. Having multiple angles, we can bring more dynamism and depth into the scenes. The result is a more immersive and engaging live stream which feels real to viewers.

Lastly, while live streams are known for their unfiltered and raw appeal, a touch of post-production editing plays a pivotal role in enhancing that appeal. This is where Blare Video’s creative editing team comes into play. They add the perfect finishing touches, fine-tuning elements for a refined result which is a delight for viewers.

Given all these aspects, Blare Video is rightly the go-to company for live video streaming series production. We commit to quality, consistency, and creativity, factors that collectively raise the bar in live streaming standards.

As you venture into the realm of live streaming video series production, you’ll find that the adoption of advanced technology is a critical factor in streamlining this process. The recent wave of innovative live streaming platforms, replete with cutting-edge functionality and features, are making end-to-end production easier than ever. Not only do these platforms offer the capability to broadcast high-quality video in real time, but they also come equipped with integrated dashboards for managing and controlling every aspect of your production. But that’s not all.

Evolving Live Video Streaming Series Technology

Joining the technological revolution in live production is the advent of highly sophisticated switching equipment. These hardware elements serve as the backbone of your production setup; they enable seamless swapping between multiple video inputs, while recording or streaming a session. The utility of such devices extends beyond just switching, as they simultaneously provide real-time video effects, transitions, and graphics. This fosters an environment where assembling a polished, professional live stream becomes altogether less challenging. Further, this advanced technology underpins your ability to connect with your viewers in a more intimate, engaging manner.

However, even the best live streaming platform and switching equipment wouldn’t be of much use without careful planning. Pre-production planning is fundamental to ensure that everyone involved in the production understands their role and is prepared to perform when the camera goes live. It’s during this phase that the intricate details of your broadcast are ironed out, from the content of your stream to your equipment, location, personnel, and more. Mastery over these processes, courtesy of these innovative technologies, will deliver a polished and professional live broadcast that captivates your audience at every turn.

When discussing live series production, it’s impossible to overlook the role of multicamera setups. These configurations endow your locale with multiple perspectives, enhancing the immersive experience for your viewers. Far from being a mere aesthetic choice, multicamera setups have a practical benefit too, offering redundancy in case one camera fails. Again, technology shines through, facilitating the seamless integration of multiple cameras into your live stream with ease.

Last, but certainly not least, is post production—a crucial step in any video series production. Thanks to the development of advanced video editing software and tools, you can refine your live broadcast even further in post production. This could involve trimming unnecessary footage, correcting color, tweaking audio, adding special effects, or even incorporating audience interaction elements. In a nutshell, the post-production phase marks the final polish, ensuring your live broadcast meets and even exceeds viewer expectations.

Ready to elevate your live streaming experience? Dive into the fascinating world of video series production, armed with cutting-edge post-production tools. Take the reins in your hand – trim and tweak, balance and refine until your work of art exceeds all expectations. Grab your software of choice and start your post-production journey today!

In conclusion, adopting advanced technologies, connecting with your audience, meticulous pre-production planning, mastering multicamera setups, and fine tuning with post-production editing are crucial strategies for effective live streaming video series production. Remember, the goal is not just to produce content; it’s about creating dynamic, engaging content that will resonate with your audience. These strategies will equip you to do just that. So, step into the control room, take your place in the director’s chair, and embark on the rewarding journey of live streaming video series production. Happy streaming!

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