Live Streaming Video Series


Live Streaming Video Series

Engineering Grand Challenges is a live streaming video series that we produced for Arizona State University (ASU) and the National Academy of Engineering (NAE). The series consisted of 13 live streaming events that where held at ASU’s campus. Every event had a different speaker along with repeating hosts. Each speaker presented an engineering challenge along with possible solutions. After the speaker’s presentation he or she sits down with the host to answer questions presented by those viewing the live stream remotely. The production of the series wrapped up in early March of 2020.

What did we we do?
Video Introduction
Before the beginning of the live streaming video series we put together the video intro showcased on this portfolio page. Before event all we need to do was update the name of that event’s speaker.
Live Video Streaming
For every event we would setup 3 camera. We would also run a line to the speakers computer back to our switcher to capture the presentation. Thus we would switch between the 3 cameras and a presentation. We would also receive an audio in from the venues audio board. We would then handoff our program feed to an ASU employee that was responsible for the internet connection.

The  live streaming video series ran for from 2019 to 2020. Unfortunately, the pandemic cut our series short. We hope it will start up again once things go back to normal.

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