International Movie


International Movie

Producing an international movie can presents its unique set of hurdles. However, this feat is beautifully achieved in Bardo Blues, a mesmerizing trailer that unravels the journey of a man seeking refuge from the pains of the heart in the Thai utopia. The narrative digs deep into Jack’s internal expedition to reveal hitherto concealed truths about his estranged mother and his own mysterious existence. Bardo Blues expertly blends profound spiritual uncovering with personal confrontations, compelling its viewers to reflect on their own perceptions of self-identity, roots, and destiny.

The creation of Bardo Blues was made possible largely by Blare Video’s provision of equipment, crew, and essential producing and logistical assistance. The cinematographic excellence of the movie can be credited to Justin and Ian McAleece. Additionally, Justin McAleece effectively lent his skills as a colorist to the project. The production journey was truly an international one, taking our team from the bustling hub of Los Angeles, California to the vibrant settings of South East Asia!

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Blare Video, with its adept team and advanced technology, possesses the ability to produce not just local, but also International Movies. Let’s discuss in detail its capabilities and how they’ve been proven in the past with significant accomplishments.

Need more reasons to call Blare Video for your International Movie?

The impeccable mindset

Its paradigm of excellence and innovation transcends geographical boundaries. Blare Video takes pride in its global mindset that strives to tell stories of different cultures through their films, which are accessible to viewers worldwide.

Abundant Resources

Film production, especially international, demands various resources, and Blare Video handles this with ease. It has a wealth of in-house talents, state-of-the-art equipment, and long-standing relationships with various film organizations and governments around the globe.

Proven Track Record

The proof is in the pudding – or in this case, the portfolio. Blare Video has an impressive lineup of international films to its name. Its productions have gathered acclaim and recognition at various international film festivals. This success truly exemplifies the company’s ability to translate a global vision onto the big screen.

So, whether you’re a budding filmmaker looking for a production house that understands your international vision, or a cinephile interested in understanding the production process, be sure to keep an eye on Blare Video’s endeavours. One thing’s for sure: they’re definitely leading the pack when it comes to international film production!

Producing an international movie is no small endeavour and can present a multitude of challenges. First off, there are often language and cultural barriers to navigate. This extends beyond the set, affecting negotiations during pre-production and throughout. For instance, the way business is conducted varies widely across the globe, and understanding these cultural codes is key to avoiding misunderstandings and hiccups.

Additionally, dealing with different time zones and geographical barriers can be cumbersome. Most international productions require traveling and remote coordination, which can significantly complicate both planning and execution.

Legal requirements and regulation pose another critical challenge. Every country has its own legal framework and rules regarding film production. Navigating these laws and obtaining necessary permits can be a colossal task. This includes understanding and adhering to regional censorship rules and guidelines.

Finally, a substantial risk is related to budgeting. Currency exchange rates, unpredictable overheads, and unforeseen cost escalations can jeopardize the financial stability of the project. Hence, proper financial management coupled with a well-laid contingency plan becomes all the more critical.

In conclusion, while these challenges are daunting, they are part and parcel of creating a truly international movie. It’s the willingness to take them on and the ability to navigate them with a calm and clear mindset that separates the successful international movie producers from the rest.

Are you ready to lift your vision to new heights? It’s time to partner with Blare Video, where the world becomes your movie set. With our deep reserve of resources, a consistent track record of award-winning productions, and a determined mindset to overcome any challenge, we’ll transform your story into a universally resonating film. So, don’t wait. Contact us today and let’s start this journey together, crafting a cinematic masterpiece that transcends borders.

Visual Linguists

Our skilled artisans are adept in the language of cinema. Their storytelling prowess transcends linguistic barriers, they understand the power of visual language. The way a scene is lit, the choice of a lens, the pace of the editing, all these nuances of filmmaking become universal symbols, enabling audiences from different cultures and languages to identify with the narrative.

Broadening Perspectives

At Blare Video, we believe movies have the capacity to change perceptions and foster understanding among cultures. Global cinema has a unique role in breaking the stereotypes, and we are steadfast in our mission to bring diverse stories to the world. Whether it’s a booming metropolis or a remote rural village, each location has a narrative, and we strive to share them with a wide-ranging international audience.

Unparalleled Locations

A significant aspect of international filmmaking is the authentic depiction of various locations around the globe. Blare Video has access to a wide range of settings, from the dynamic sceneries of Europe, the inspiring landscapes of Asia, the vibrant cities of the Americas, to the mesmerizing wilderness of Africa. Our dedicated team ensures the chosen locations enhance the storyline, lending it a unique and compelling international flavor.

Global Collaboration

Making international movies requires an immense network of professionals, both on and off-screen. Our extended family of capable artists, technical crew, and support staff is nothing short of a global village. We collaborate with various talent around the globe, ensuring a brilliant amalgamation of cross-cultural experiences, thereby creating movies that truly speak to a global audience.

Ready to break boundaries with your film project? Reach out and let’s shape perspectives together with Blare Video – making the world your stage.