Hyper Lapse HDR


Hyper Lapse HDR

Own A Car has been a long-time client of ours and we’ve been fortunate to grow with them through many different cameras, capabilities, and video production techniques. For their latest spot “Hyperlapse” we pulled out all the stops. We used many time lapse techniques coupled with advanced motion control movement via our Kessler Slider system. We used our Epic camera with a proprietary HDR process to be able to increase micro-contrast to levels we’ve never been able to reach before. We also used our Canon 5Dmk3 DSLR for many of the shots in the commercial. We shot it bracketed for proper HDR purposes when possible and in other situations we did a faux HDR process. Overall, we were able to create an exceedingly poppy commercial and are not only proud of it but excited about what we can do next time and what we can improve upon. The Automotive TV Commercial was shot in Los Angeles, Santa Monica and Orange County.

This was a fun spot to shoot because we got to play with so many different techniques and cameras. We’ve never been able to do an HDR spot like this before and the results are really stunning. We can’t wait to see what our clients think and how they react to it.

If you want to learn. more about our HDR process or any of the techniques we used in this spot, please contact us. We’d be more than happy to discuss it with you.

Hyperlapse HDR is a new technique we developed for our latest car commercial. We used a combination of time lapse and motion control to create an extremely poppy and high-contrast look. We’re extremely proud of this commercial and excited about what we can do next time and how we can improve upon it.

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