Family Health Care TV Commercial


Family Health Care TV Commercial

Family health care is one of the most important things that families face in America. We were happy to be a part of this project. Scope Studios a creative agency out of Southern California contracted us to provide the video production crew. The project was for a series of four TV and cable commercials. The commercials were centered around the idea of making the right choice in regards to your family health care. It also stresses making that choice early enough so that it has a positive impact in your future. This commercial series was for Kern Family Heath Care. They are a health care provider that works out of Bakersfield. The service all of Kern county. This series was shot in the summer time. It was pretty hot. It took us 4 days to capture the footage we needed.

From the Scope side Jean-Luc Slagle was the director of the project. His producer was Jon Slagle. We sent our supporting team with our Red 6K UHD Epic Dragon camera and our cinematic lens kit. We rolled out there in our grip van with a all the lighting and gear. Justin McAleece was the director of photography. Ian McAleece gripped and Jeremy Owen was the PA.

This first video in the series was a bit sensitive since we show a mother dealing with breast cancer. We show her making the current choices in regards to her medical care and she’s able to be there for her daughter years later.

In the 2nd video we stress the importance of making healthy choices that impact your future. The choice is to take the right medication early enough to be able to do physically activities while battling with Asthma.

In this second video we follow a young mother to be who makes the right choice on her pregnancy.

In this video we capture a father battling diabetes. After having a hard time following his little toddler around the playground he makes the choice to get the right care. Years later he is there as his toddler turns into a young lady.

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Crew Roles

Director of Photography, Gaffer, Grip


Red Epic Camera, Dolly, Lighting Package, Grip Truck