Deltron Music Video


Deltron Music Video

For this Deltron Music Video contest we when all out! The Deltron 3030 album has been a longtime favorite of our Head of Los Angeles Blare Video Productions, Ro Leon and so a surprise when LA’s Blare Video team put this together with out his help.

Our Los Angeles crew managed to assemble tailor-made costumes and props, uncover fantastic shooting locales, and orchestrate the entire production and editing process within a mere week. While the production was astoundingly brisk, we take immense pride in its outcome and owe immense gratitude to our exceptional cast and crew.

In our star-studded cast, Amittai Hackett brought Deltron Osiris to life, Dan The Automator was flawlessly portrayed by Michael Ice, and Arthur Robinson effortlessly slipped into the role of Kid Koala. Jason Wada, Max Martinez, Kevin, and Sarah all made substantial contributions.

We made use of our Red Epic camera and a Glidecam 4000 Pro for filming. All the special effects and CGI were created using After Effects and Maya.

Our aim for the Deltron music video was set from the get-go – to create a blend of quintessential hip-hop and advanced dystopian elements, reflecting the themes embedded in the album. Bearing this vision in mind, our dedicated production team put their creative prowess and expertise to work at every step, from conceptualization through to post-production. The resultant masterpiece? An enthralling video that superbly mirrors the essence of the Deltron 3030 album.

Location, location, location – so the saying goes. And in this case, careful selection of shooting sites was paramount. Specific areas were scouted that aligned with the Deltron 3030’s unique aura, featuring a blend of urban landscapes and panoramic vistas. Every scene and angle was meticulously planned by our directors, DPs and location scouts to ensure it contributed to the storyline and the music’s atmosphere.

Wardrobe and Set Design

Much thought went into the wardrobe and set design. Amittai Hackett, in the role of Deltron Osiris, was dressed in custom attire that brushes on the edge of sci-fi, lending an otherworldly quality against the raw backdrop of urban settings. Similarly, characters Dan The Automator and Kid Koala – played by Michael Ice and Arthur Robinson, respectively – boasted wardrobe pieces that fell in line with the video’s overarching aesthetic.

Post-Production Magic

The magic didn’t stop at the end of the shooting. The video underwent a comprehensive post-production process where our post-production team added polished visual effects using After Effects and Maya for 3D modelling. Every color correction, effect, and CGI model was meticulously crafted to enhance the visual storytelling and make every frame captivating.

In conclusion, the Deltron music video is a testament to the passion, commitment and unwavering team spirit of the Blare Video LA team. We achieved our aim – an unforgettable music video that not only pays homage to the Deltron 3030 album, but shares a piece of it with the world in a new and creative light.

The Deltron music video contest was an innovative event aimed at celebrating and adding a visual dimension to the Deltron 3030 album. The contest invited creative minds globally to imagine, and bring to life, the perfect music video to represent Deltron’s unique sound and lyrical narrative. Participants were tasked with utilizing their creativity and filmmaking skills to interpret the music and weave a compelling story that resonates with the album’s themes. The contest was not merely a competition, but a collaborative expedition into unexplored realms of sound and visuals, aiming to foster a community among Deltron fans and advocate for the fusion of music and visual art.

One of the highlights of the Deltron music video competition was the entry by Blare Video. While it didn’t secure the top spot, it earned special recognition and an honorable mention. So, how did it not exactly clinch the win but still manage to standout? Let’s decrypt this.

Blare Video’s entry was indeed a unique combination of imagination and skill. Their representation of Deltron’s music was visually stunning and creatively impressive. Their intricate storyline and visual symbolism illustrated a nuanced understanding of the album’s themes. Each frame was crafted with detail which reflected not just the comprehension of the music’s essence, but also the painstaking effort and dedication put into the creation.

While their video certainly turned heads, winning, as you know, is determined by a myriad of factors. The winning entry may have possessed an edge in various aspects such as concept originality, execution precision or even a closer resonance with the judges’ interpretation of the album. It’s possible that those tiny differences, those minute considerations, tipped the scale in favor of the winning entry.

However, notwithstanding the ultimate result, Blare Video’s honorable mention is no small feat. It symbolizes a distinctive achievement in a highly competitive field, an indication that their video left an indelible mark on the judges and the Deltron community. It underlines the quality and creativity encapsulated in their video, the kind that etches its memory in the viewers’ minds and celebrates the power of music and visual art in a remarkable way. Their video served as a testament to the kind of room the Deltron music video competition envisioned to create – a platform for unique expression, creativity, and a celebration of framing musical narratives via the visual medium.

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