Casino Commercial


Casino Commercial

This is a casino commercial we shot. The Casino Commercial features a downtown city setting with a classic car driving up to another classic car. A pretty girl in the commercial is shown driving a classic car. She pulls up to another classic car and speaks to the guy in the back seat. The guy doesn’t hear her and looks panicked. The couple in the front seat did hear her, though. She said, “go to Black Oak Casino.” Then she shows off a fan of cash! Great creative from Windsong and Catalyst Marketing. Also, great casting from the pre-production team. It was a fun twist from a classic film in case you are wondering. It was a scene from American Graffiti. It was fun re-creating that scene. Blare Video had the opportunity to shoot the spot and provide a camera, equipment, and gear. The camera used was our Red Epic Dragon. A 5k Ultra HD camera and our Canon L Series lenses. Windsong Productions’ Bryon Watkins directed the talent. Greg Grannis was the creative director. Thanks for choosing Blare Video! We look forward to working with you again on your next project. Hopefully it’s another casino commercial.

Casino Commercials are a great way to advertise your casino. They are creative and fun, and can really grab people’s attention. Thanks for reading and we hope you try one today! If you would like to see more of our work it not too hard. All you have to do is check out our video production portfolio. We shoot and produce all kinds of commercials. We also do music videos, corporate videos and movies/films. We also book out crew and gear. Keep us in mind for our next project. We also have teams in locations in San Diego, Tucson, Phoenix, and Las Vegas in addition to Los Angeles.