Beautiful Music Video


Beautiful Music Video

This Beautiful Music Video was shot and edited for International recording Artist Kriti Sharma. The song is titled “Baby What You Mean To Me”. This Las Vegas Music Video had an Executive Produced named Vikas Mehandroo. The video itself was co-produced and directed Ro Leon. Shot by Justin McAleece and the Las Vegas Blare Films crew. The Red Epic Ultra HD Camera was used to capture most of the shots. A Canon 5D Mark 3 was also used to capture some pick-up shots.

A good portion of this beautiful music video was shot in a large Las Vegas House. At that house, we shot the piano scene in addition to the swimming pool dance scene and performance. After staying cool while capturing some of the pool shots, we packed up and headed for the desert. It was about a two-hour drive. We got there just before sunset. We shot the sand dunes and sunset shots in the Death Valley Desert. In addition to the pool and desert scenes, we also shot some down on the Las Vegas strip. We also captured some shots inside the Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino. Those were actually shot the day before. Otherwise, we would’ve run out of time.

Kriti Sharma has a huge following in India, where she was featured in MTV India’s Big Brother series. This was her first music video and we hope it won’t be her last. We wish her luck in her music career.

Music videos are a passion of our production team. To see more of our work check out our music video production portfolio. We will go anywhere to put together a great-looking video. As this video shows. We have other music video projects on calendar. Make sure you keep looking out for our projects. I am sure you will like what you see.