Automotive Commercial


Automotive Commercial

When it is our job to produce a quality automotive commercial we step up. For this project, we did just that. This project took us to the state of Washington. To Yakima to be exact. The client was Prestige Motors. This is the 3rd automotive commercial we’ve produced for Prestige Motors. Our client contact, MJ, and some other fellas at the dealership to help us make it happen. They were all very excited to help with the project. The great thing about working with an auto dealership is the access we have to vehicles. We can turn them all into picture cars and trucks. Cyrus and Michael were awesome behind the wheels. We even need to thank the pigeon that video bombed one of our shots. This all made our job easier.

If you have seen our portfolio we try to give our projects that national TV look. That is evident in the hyper-lapse spot we shot for another client. The folks at Prestige love that spot and wanted to implement some of that work in this automotive commercial. We did some of that but we wanted to create something different. Given that creative freedom, we came up with the “Colors” concept. Thie video was shot by Justin McAleece with the help of Alan Agazarian. We used the Red Epic Dragon, our 5K Ultra HD Cinematic Camera. We flew out with the camera and our cinematic lens kit. We were able to source car mounts and support gear locally. Once the filming was complete, we brought everything back to our post-production department. That is where our star editor Jason Wada went to work. In addition to the great color grading, he did some excellant rotoscoping.

Be sure to reach out to us if you like our work. We will give your video that national TV look. Check out the previous commercial we production for Prestige Motors: Automotive TV Commercial