African Hip Hop


African Hip Hop

Producing an African Hip Hop music video has proven to be an exciting adventure for our production team in Las Vegas. The project sprung into action in the summer of 2015, when Peeshaun, one half of the talented Nigerian Afro hip hop duo, Skuki, reached out to our acclaimed music video producer, Ro Leon.

Peeshaun came prepared with a list of desires for the video; customary wants included cars, lively locations, and models. However, one peculiar request stood out – the use of newly-released hoverboards, notwithstanding their notoriety at the time for catching fire. Fortunately, no such incidents occurred during our shoot.

The project’s primary aim was to construct a music video that resonates with Skuki’s experiences in Las Vegas, particularly for their new single, “Lori Standing.” We filmed a significant portion of the video within the chic environs of the Rumor Boutique Hotel, capturing vibrant scenes at the pool and lounge parties. To fully encapsulate the Las Vegas experience, we filmed Skuki cruising down the Strip in a customized Corvette, expertly using multiple vehicles and car mounts for this purpose. The hoverboards became the center of attraction as we filmed the duo effortlessly maneuvering through crowds. Equally fascinating was our rooftop performance shot, offering a panoramic view of the Strip.

The music video was skilfully produced by Ro Leon and directed by Justin McAleece. Ian McAleece brilliantly took the reins of the process as the director of photography wielding the powerful Red Epic Dragon camera. Our dedicated Las Vegas team was completed by Lance Caniloa, our key grip, and Chase Wilson, our reliable production assistant.

Following the filming and shooting, our competent post-production department assembled the footage of the African Hip Hop Music Video. Responsible for color correction, we sent the final cut to Skuki. The artists then proceeded to incorporate additional Las Vegas stock footage and a performance from another artist, completing the masterpiece that was “Lori Standing”.

If you’re planning to create an African hip hop music video, hiring Blare Video can be a game changer for you. With their vast experience, they offer detailed expertise in the genre, understanding its distinct style, rhythm, and cultural roots. This enables them to help create a video that captures the essence and vibrancy of African hip hop. At the same time, your project benefits from top-notch production quality that Blare brings to the table. With them, your music video production is in reliable, expert hands.

You might ask – why choose Blare Video in particular? Let’s delve into the specifics:

  1. Experience in African Hip Hop: Blare Video has a proven track record in producing African hip hop videos. They know the nuances, the fine details, the coloring, and the angles that highlight the soul of African hip hop.
  2. Exceptional Quality: Blare Video ensures that your project maintains the high-level production quality it deserves. From the initial concept to post-production editing, their attention to detail is second to none.
  3. End-to-end production: Blare Video provides comprehensive services – from storyboarding and scripting to casting, shooting, and editing. They handle every phase of your project, culminating in a seamless, outstanding video.
  4. Sophisticated Technology: Blare Video stays at the forefront of video production technology, employing state-of-the-art equipment that guarantees superior picture and sound quality.

Hiring Blare Video is not just about creating a music video, it’s about creating a story – your story. They articulate your vision and your voice through the sultry and electrifying backdrop of African hip hop.

In conclusion, the hire of Blare Video for your African hip hop music video is not only an investment in a professional product, but a stake in a narrative that connects with your audience in the most authentic sense. With Blare Video, you have a partner that honors your music and amplifies it through perfection in video production.

Let’s delve into the mesmerizing field of African hip hop music videos. They are famed for their rich narrative and vibrant imagery, sincere reflections of the culture and realities from which they sprang.

Taking the lead, you have “Fall” by Davido, the first Nigerian music video to reach 100 million views on YouTube. Its splendid array of visuals, combined with a vibrant Afrobeat rhythm, make for an unforgettable experience. The music video serves as a perfect backdrop to display the beauty of African culture and fashion.

Next, we have “Jerusalema” by Master KG featuring Nomcebo Zikode. This South African hit single grabbed worldwide attention with its incredible video, showcasing a diverse range of African dances. With over 400 million views, “Jerusalema” emerged as a global anthem inspiring dance challenges around the globe, indeed a testament to the power of African hip hop.

Closer to home, AKA’s “Fela In Versace,” pays a vibrant tribute to Fela Kuti, one of Africa’s most influential musicians. The music video incorporates traditional African prints, dance moves, and Afro-pop beats to gift the audience a rich cultural experience.

Sarkodie’s “Adonai” featuring Castro, is highly commended for its emotive narrative. This Ghanaian hip hop video not only goes viral but also serves to spotlight Africa’s motivational journey towards overcoming adversity.

No rundown of Africa’s hip-hop scene is complete without mentioning Burna Boy’s “Anybody”. The video with its high energy Afrobeat production and vivid cinematography allows Burna Boy to convey his message rooted in African pride and resilience.

Exploring these top African hip hop music videos, they consistently exhibit compelling storytelling that transcends cultural borders, and ensures your immersion in the richness of African culture. Each one is a shining testament to the grandeur and diversity Africa has to offer.

Parallel to the astounding rise of African Hip Hop, Las Vegas has impressively emerged as a paramount destination for music video production in this genre. This shift has resulted in Las Vegas becoming a regular backdrop for many of these innovative videos, garnering international attention and acclaim.

Now, you might wonder, why Las Vegas? The city’s dynamic landscape, vibrant lights, and diverse architectural structures offer an intriguing blend of traditional and modern aesthetics. Unique to Vegas, the fusion of these elements provides an irresistible appeal to Hip Hop artists, seeking to film music videos with a distinctive artistic imprint. These aspects concretely position it as a perfect playground for creative expression.

Moreover, Vegas’ reputation for vibrant nightlife and energetic atmosphere complements the rhythmic vitality and expressive themes often found in African Hip Hop. The city’s dynamic spirit echoes these cultural elements and encapsulates the energy and vibrancy inherent in the music.

Beyond aesthetics and ambiance, Las Vegas is home to some of the most progressive production companies in the United States. These businesses are increasingly adapting to the demand for African Hip Hop music videos. Offering cutting-edge technology, experienced creative teams, and a wide array of production resources, they play a significant role in shaping Vegas into an artistic hub for the genre.

African Hip Hop’s magnetic pull towards Las Vegas underscores a broader trend in the music industry. It highlights the migration of music video production away from conventional locales, heralding a newfound appreciation for culturally diverse platforms. And indeed, Las Vegas stands as an emblem of this progress, ushering in a new era in Hip Hop music video production.

Are you ready to be a part of this groundbreaking shift? It’s time to immerse in a vibrant blend of culture and hip-hop expression like never before. Las Vegas is calling you to witness this spectacular transformation in African Hip Hop production. So why wait? Grab your chance now, explore the diversity, and dive deep into the rich rhythmic narratives. Join us right now and experience the revolution in African Hip Hop, firsthand!