African Hip Hop


African Hip Hop

African Hip Hop Music Video This was one of the funniest hip hop video we have produced in Las Vegas. In the summer of 2015 Peeshaun reached out to Blare Films’ music video producer Ro Leon. Peeshaun had a long list of things he wanted for this video. A lot of the usual like cars, locations and models. The one unusual request where the recently out hover boards. That was before the hover boards where known to catch fire. Luckly that didn’t happen on this shoot. The main goal was to create a music video that highlights Skuki’s time in Las Vegas. Skuki a Nigerian Afro hip hop duo composed of Vavavoom and Peeshaun. The video was for their new single titled, “Lori Standing”. A good portion of the video was shot inside the Rumor Boutique Hotel, including the pool and lounge party scenes. We shot Skuki driving down the Strip in a customized corvette using multiple vehicles and car mounts. The hover boards where used for shots of the dual hovering through the crowds. We also captured some great performance shots on a rooftop looking down on the Strip. Music Video is produced by Ro Leon and directed by Justin McAleece. Ian McAleece was the director of photography with the Red Epic Dragon. Our Las Vegas team filled out the rest of the crew with Lance Caniloa as key grip and Chase Wilson as our production assistant.