Aerial Video Production


Aerial Video Production

For nearly a decade, we’ve mastered the art of aerial video production here at BLARE Video. As we’ve navigated technological advancements and evolving government regulations, we’ve found harmony with the innovative products of DJI. The Inspire 1 has been our trusted companion, helping us to create awe-inspiring aerial footage for myriad clients. Moving forward, we anticipate unlocking even more impressive potential with the Inspire 2. Anytime you need aerial services, whether a single shot or an entire commercial spot, we’ve got you covered. But remember: flying is only part of the equation; the real magic lies in the shooting.

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Though seemingly complex, the process of aerial video production can be broken down into a few straightforward steps. Here’s a sneak peek into what our skilled team does to create incredible bird’s eye view shots:

We kick start our journey together with a one-on-one consultation. During this session, we’ll dig into your project expectations, purposes, and the message you want to convey. We deeply value your vision which will serve as the foundation for our work.

Once we understand the essence of your project, we head for location scouting. This step is crucial to identify potential obstacles, ensure safety, and verify the feasibility of the proposed shots.

Incorporating the findings from our location scouting, we plan the flights. Careful planning helps us perform secure, efficient flights, keeping the focus on getting those perfect shots.

With detailed planning under our belt, we go forward with the filming. We use state-of-the-art drones to capture high-resolution videos, ensuring an unparalleled aerial perspective.

The final step involves editing the captured footage. Our expert post-production team works diligently to ensure a final product that aligns with your vision and communicates your message compellingly.

An aerial video can dramatically elevate your project’s appeal by providing a fresh perspective. Be it a real estate showcase, a commercial, or a music video, every project can benefit from a little bit of sky-high magic.

Remember, the sky is not the limit; it’s only the beginning!

Imagine having the power to showcase your business or organization from a completely unique viewpoint, revealing aspects that were formerly hidden from sight. That’s exactly what aerial video production offers. This cutting-edge technology lets you rise above the crowd, opening up a whole new world of promotional opportunities.

Successful marketing rides on the ability to tell your story in a captivating way. Traditionally, this storytelling has been grounded – limited to the perspectives we can capture from the earth’s surface. But what if you could take your audience to the skies, offering them an exhilarating bird’s eye view? That’s exactly where aerial video comes into the picture.

Aerial videos can give your audience a broader perspective of your establishment, encapsulating its size, structure, and surroundings in one sweeping shot. Whether you want to highlight a sprawling campus, a massive stadium, a state-of-the-art facility, or even the essence of a community event, nothing captures scale and scope quite like an aerial vantage point.

Furthermore, these airborne visuals can be synced seamlessly with ground shots to craft a comprehensive and compelling narrative. The resulting transfixing video can be leveraged across various platforms – from social media to your official website, from trade shows to boardroom presentations, imprinting an indelible impression of your entity in the viewers’ mind.

In essence, the implementation of aerial video production in your promotional strategy brings an extra dimension to your story, providing your audience with an immersive experience that traditional video content may struggles to deliver.

When considering who to entrust with your aerial video production, look no further than Blare Video. What makes us stand out? Our dedicated team not only executes the technical tasks with precision but also understands the artistic values of aerial videography. It’s not simply about capturing footage from a bird’s eye perspective—it’s about telling your story in a manner that strikes a chord with the audience.

Let’s break down our approach:

1. Initial Consultation

We start by comprehending your vision, getting to know you and your brand. This crucial step guides the entire process, allowing us to align our strategies with your objectives. It’s a collaborative effort where we ensure that your creative insights mold the end product.

2. Location Scouting

Exploiting the true potential of aerial videography requires the perfect backdrop. Our team leaves no stone unturned to scout locations that will accentuate your story. From cityscapes to remote natural vistas, we choose the ideal environment based on your brand’s unique voice and message.

3. Flight Planning

For us, each mission is meticulously planned. From deciding the flight paths to factoring in weather conditions, our team uses advanced technology to ensure a seamless video shoot. We prioritize safety and adhere to aviation guidelines to deliver stunning, high-quality aerial footage.

4. Actual Filming

Once the planning phase is complete, it’s time for action! Our skilled pilots, equipped with state-of-the-art drones, take flight to capture your story from the skies. They are backed by a team of videographers who meticulously capture every shot, ensuring every aspect of your narrative is visually presented.

5. Post-Production

The journey doesn’t end with the capture. The art lies in crafting a mesmerizing tale using the raw footage and that’s what our post-production team specializes in. They refine, edit and polish the visuals, add impactful soundtracks, and deliver a product that leaves a lasting impression.

So, why Blare Video? We offer an end-to-end solution, from concept to creation, ensuring your aerial video production effectively articulates your brand story. You’re not just hiring a crew; you’re partnering with storytellers who are passionate about bringing your vision to life.

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