Social Media Video

A social media video can be an important part of your advertisement or social media outreach. By being able to diversify your plan of attack you can target individuals at the lowest cost per view. Not to mention, we can re-purpose archived video footage or maximize a full day shot. We can create videos for many of the popular social media video platforms such as Instagram, FaceBook, Youtube, LinkedIn Video, SnapChat, and Printerest among others.

Video Types: Informational Videos, Tutorial | How To Videos, Live Videos, Behind-The-Scenes, (BTS) Videos, Interview/Q&A’s, Feature/Product Video, Promos and Deals. Specs: Horizontal, Vertical, or Square




Social Media Video Production Packages

How It Works

We require a 3 month commitment. This allows you to make monthly payments and reassess your marketing plan/strategy every quarter. 50% of your monthly rate is required to book your shoot date (on first shoot).


The Shoot

For every half day shoot (4 hrs) we capture enough content to create three :15 second videos. Our professional camera operators records everything in 4K Ultra HD. We recommend shooting a little wider if the videos need to be produced in 1080 HD. If the final videos need to be produced in 4K, we can frame the camera accordingly. For example if you want a 4K vertical video, we will flip the camera sideways. Like taking a portrait. The camera will be mounted on a gimbal to get some steady motion shots. We will also mount it on a tripod to get to static shots.


The Editing Process

Each video will be allotted 8 hours of editing plus slight color correction, supporting text, stock music and one round of revisions. We will upload a rough cut to wipster, our collaborating video platform, for feedback. Videos can be editing horizontal for youtube,. Then can also be edited vertical or square for smart phone optimized platforms such as FaceBook, Instagram, Printerest etc…


Important Note

Planning is important in order to maximize the production and editing time. We would need a script and/or shot list for each video. If the video require supporting text, it is important to know that prior to the shoot so we can frame the shots right.

Other Social Media Video Options

Copy Writing
Locations Scouting
Pitch Person, Host and/or Influencer Casting
Voice Over Talent Casting/Selection

Video Production Crew
Production Assistant
Audio Tech
Drone Pilot

Reusable Styling Text Package (Title, Lower-thirds, Supporting Text)
Custom Graphics / Animation
Higher Video Lengths (1.5 minutes or higher)

To add, remove, or swap out line items and/or a formal quote contact a Blare Representative.

The number of videos that can be produced in a days shoot could vary depending on crew size, video types and video lengths. Important to go over this with you Blare rep prior to quoting and once again at pre-production call.

Pricing on packages is subject to change and may differ depending on region.