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Welcome to Blare Video, your San Diego video production powerhouse. We pride ourselves on always striving to offer our clients the highest quality video production, regardless of budget size. We understand that from the humble beginnings of mom and pop stores to the grandeur of large chains, budgets vary significantly. Yet, our commitment to delivering that polished, nationally-competitive TV commercial spot or video remains unwavering. To ensure we meet this commitment, we champion the use of advanced digital video technology and methods.

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For many years, Blare Video San Diego Video Production has proven to be a stalwart in the field, contributing significantly to project planning, management, and execution. We possess the versatility to intervene at any phase of a video production task. Occasionally, we might step in just to supply a skilled production team, at times simply editing pre-existing footage. Other instances may see us involved right from conceptual development until the final production stages. 

Here is a list of our services:

Our pre-production services include Creative Development, Script Development, Storyboarding, Location Scouting, Permitting, Casting, Character Design, Set Building and Design, Music Scoring, Music Licensing & acquisition, as well as efficient Project Management. 

Our production offerings cover Directing, Producing, Production Crew, Location Management, Camera Equipment, Grip Gear, Lighting, Audio Gear, Grip Vehicles, Aerial Drones, Live Streaming, Multi-camera Switching, On-site Editing and Voice Over Recording. 

Our services don’t end at production; we also handle post-production tasks which include Video Editing, Motion Graphics, 3D Animation, Color Correction, and Sound Editing & Audio Mixing. 

Featured Video Projects

We are experts in narrating riveting stories with engaging visual content. We specialize in Music Videos, Corporate Videos, TV Commercials, Movies/Films, Instructional Videos, Social Media Videos, Promotional Videos, Live Streaming, Aerial Video, Ultra HD Productions, and much more! 

Masters of Ultra HD

In 2007, Blare Video San Diego Video Production took a groundbreaking step to become one of the first to acquire the Red One 4K Ultra HD (UHD) camera, ruffling the video production landscape by making high-caliber video production more accessible. Through our early venture into UHD, we have morphed into specialists in this quickly developing video resolution field. We can also provide services involving the Alexa Mini LF and offer camera support. Stay tuned for the forthcoming Sony Venice 2.


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Whether you’re seizing an unplanned opportunity or meticulously coordinating a grand-scale production, we’ve got you covered. Remember, we don’t permit “dry rentals”—every piece of equipment or camera should always accompany at least one crew member. Dive in to discover what fuels our San Diego Video Production Company.

Project Managers, Producers & Directors
DPs, Operators & ACs
Drone Pilots
Audio Techs/Engineers
Grip & Gaffers
Editors, DIT & Media Managers
Hair and Makeup Artists
PAs for Various Roles
Set and Prop Stylists/Designers


4K DLSR / Mirror Less – Panasonic GH4/GH5, Sony A7, Black Magic Pocket
4K Options – Sony FS5/FS7, Canon C300
6K-8K Options – Red Epic Dragon, Red Weapon Helium, Red Weapon Monstro
Other options maybe available.

Camera Support & Lens Packages
Sliders, Gimbals & Jibs
Audio Microphones and Mixers
Teleprompters and Monitors
Lighting, Grip Vans & Gear
4K – 6K Aerial Drones
On-site Editing Suites
Switchers, Comm and Cabling
Bonded Cellular Internet Connection
Picture Vehicles


After years of leading on 4K Ultra HD Video Technology we have developed expertise in a variety of fields.



Case Studies



Short/Feature Films and Trailers

Highlight, Recap, Sizzles

Music Videos

Product Description/Promotion

Product Launch/Ribbon Cutting

Social Media



TV Commercials


Advertising & Marketing


Consumer Products & Services

Convention, Conference & Trade Shows


Festivals & Special Events




Health Care/Medical

Independent Filmmakers

Legal Services

Music Artists & Labels

Real Estate

Retail and Automotive

Trade Groups and Association


When looking to cut corners with costs, you often end up spending more in redoing what wasn’t done right in the first place. Our video production process includes consultative and pre-production meetings, guaranteeing a seamless alignment of your vision, budget and expectations before we roll the cameras. 


Engaging visual content is crucial, whether it’s corporate, commercial or entertainment. The distinction lies in the clarity of vision, a principle that cascades from our concept team, copywriters, camera operators, lighting specialists to our editors. Our directors, producers and project coordinators ensure that your project retains its unique vision throughout.


Be it a last-minute equipment upgrade or a sudden venue change, we’ve got your back! Our extensive network and strong tech know-how allow us to procure up-to-the-minute equipment or secure conducive filming locations swiftly. Our flexibility ensures that your video production won’t miss a beat, no matter what. 


Ever since the introduction of the groundbreaking Red One 4K Ultra HD Camera, we’ve been leveraging this pioneering technology to enhance the quality of our work. Even though many of our final works are in 1080HD, majority of our projects have been captured in 4k quality or higher since 2007. Our expertise was celebrated when we received a project from the Blu-Ray Disk Association to advocate their Ultra HD and HDR standards. 


While a notice period helps us assemble a crew, we understand that circumstances can change rapidly. Our project crew coordinators are adept at assembling teams on short notice. They can even make changes to current bookings up to 24 hours before a shoot, ensuring nothing stops your project from moving forward.


Despite meticulous initial planning, changes to the script can occur even at the last minute. We are ready to embrace these modifications, ensuring they are reflected seamlessly in your visual narrative. Quick yet precise, our team skillfully reworks the script alterations without compromising your story’s essence and flow. 


Your dedicated representative from our team will lay out all potential expenses and options for your project. Once the budget is approved, they will pull out all the stops to keep your project on schedule and within the allocated budget


We comprehend that film production isn’t a smooth ride; unexpected challenges can pop up at the eleventh hour. But fear not, we are dedicated to helping you navigate these sudden roadblocks without breaking a sweat. Our team’s agility and experience empower us to handle and overcome any unforeseen situation effectively. 


If a shoot must be rescheduled due to unforeseen events, we can accommodate this without causing significant disruption to the production timeline. Our adept project management team rearranges the schedules adeptly, ensuring the production continuity remains intact while accommodating your change requests.

Remember, in San Diego’s dynamic video production scenario, last-minute changes aren’t hurdles, but opportunities to create something even better! Rely on us for agility, flexibility, and commitment to carry your project, however challenging it might be, across the finish line.

You should opt for Blare Video San Diego video production because of their commitment to top-notch quality and dedication to client satisfaction. They are experts in the field, deploying cutting-edge Ultra HD technology in all their endeavors to ensure captivating and high-resolution content that is nothing less than a visual feast. An added advantage is their clear and comprehensive costing plan that aims to eliminate any potential financial surprises down the line. Believing in the power of detail, they go the extra mile to perfect every aspect of your project. In short, Blare Video combines industry expertise, technological excellence, fiscal transparency, and attention to detail, all while being ready and able to accommodate last-minute modifications. Their reliability and willingness to adapt make them the ideal choice in the San Diego video production landscape.

Are you wondering why San Diego video production should be on your top list? The secret lies in their unique combination of creativity, technical prowess, and unparalleled customer service – tailored to meet and exceed your specific goals. San Diego’s video production teams excel in harnessing the vibrant local culture and stunning natural scenery to infuse their projects with an authentic, compelling touch that resonates with the audience. 

Their real magic, though, is in how seamlessly they marry artistry with cutting-edge technology. They utilize state-of-the-art equipment and software to provide Ultra HD quality videos, ensuring a crisp, clear, and immersive viewing experience. This investment in technology also enables them to nimbly adjust to last-minute changes — making the process as stress-free as possible for you. 

Still not convinced? Consider the financial aspect. San Diego video production stands out for its transparency in billing, assuring you that there won’t be any unpleasant surprises when the invoice arrives. You can budget for your project with confidence, knowing that you’ll receive high-quality, professional video content without hidden costs.

Finally, what truly sets San Diego video production apart is their attention to detail. They firmly believe in the philosophy that even the smallest details can make a big difference, which results in the production of videos that are, quite simply, works of art. From concept to execution, every element is meticulously planned and executed to ensure that your vision is brought to life in the most impactful way. 

That’s the San Diego video production experience: a synergistic blend of creativity, technology, transparency, flexibility, and attention to detail — all aimed at delivering a product that not only meets your expectations, but exceeds them.

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