5 Social Media Video Platforms to Advertise On

by | May 28, 2020 | Social Media Video, Video Tips


5 Social Media Video Platforms to Advertise On
Not Named Youtube

If you ask a person to name off some social media video platforms the most common answer would be YouTube. Sometimes it might be the only answer. Others might name Vimeo, and maybe even DailyMotion. These sites are video platforms with some social media elements. True social media platforms are thought of as being more engaging. Facebook and Instagram are two of the most popular. Users can quickly share thoughts, pictures, and videos. The popular social media platforms are taking eyeballs away from YouTube and TV. Especially now that more social media sites have built out their video platforms. Almost every generation is spending more time on a smartphone, tablet, and/or computer. They are looking at funny videos, news, or sports clips. For marketers looking for a place to advertise these social media video platforms may offer a higher return on investment. So, the next time you are ready to launch a campaign, consider one of these alternatives:

Facebook Watch

Facebook Watch Icon

Facebook’s new video-on-demand service combines shared user content with premium offerings. That means viewers can check out videos from their favorite creators and view new Facebook originals. Facebook makes it easy for businesses and brands to advertise on Watch. Facebook ads are already a great way to reach customers, and advertisers now have the flexibility to have their ads explicitly delivered during social media video streams.


Instagram Icon

Once a site dedicated to still photos, Instagram has is now just as well known for short-form social media video content. Advertisers can also take advantage of this with videos up 120 seconds in either the traditional Instagram square or landscape formats.

LinkedIn Video

LinkedIn Video

Businesses can leverage the power of LinkedIn video to reach more customers. Unlike standard video posts on the platform, advertisers can post content that runs up to 30 minutes. The platform also allows advertisers to run “Direct Sponsored Content,” customized to reach specific audiences.


Printerest Social Video Platform

What was once a simple billboard full of great ideas on endless topics, Pinterest has also jumped into the social media video realm and is helping advertisers to take advantage of this new facet. Businesses can now use promoted video to get their products in front of users and then offer featured pins below to motivate customers with a clear call to action.


Snapchat Media Video Platforms

Snapchat works to make video advertising as simple and effective as possible. Businesses can define audiences based on interests, behaviors, and locations. They can also test and optimize campaigns to find the highest return on investment.

Keep in mind that these are not the only social media video platforms. Twitter, TikTok, and WeChat are others you can consider. However, we wanted to make a list of our favorite 5 social media video platforms.

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