BLARE Video is taking the next step in Aerial Video and Photography. With our next generation aerial systems and advances in 4K resolution technology we can deliver quality at price points like never before. Imagine being able to narrate the way your operation works with a beautiful sweeping shot of your facility with a bird’s eye. Our accessories allow us to zoom, pan, and tilt super smoothly while capturing a vibrant Ultra High Definition image.

Aerial Video

What is important to know is aerial is available for less than you think. Not like when you had to hire a helicopter and spend thousands of dollars. Call or email today and open up more options that until now you could only dream of. In the end one word says it all for you next video production. WOW!


  • Octocoptor – 8 rotor drone with enough payload for GH4 and DLSR Cameras with  Gimbal Mounting.
  • Quadrocopter – 4 rotor drone used best with GoPro.


  • GoPro Hero 2
  • Canon DLSR 5D
  • Panasonic GH4 Ultra HD


  • Remote Zoom Focus Control
  • Ronin Gimbal

What ever you aerial video need is we have the right set up for you at the right price.  Call and talk to and aerial video expert today!