For well over ten years Blare Video worked to build out its equipment and crew infrastructure. Our company attracts and develops talented directors, provides support to other directors as well as, Film and Production Companies. In addition, Blare Media fits great with advertising agencies that want to provide their client with the best quality for the price.





Pick Your Camera

A. Professional High Def: Sony EX3 Camera, Panasonic HPX170 Camera, HPX500 Camera, etc…

B. Complete Cinema DSLR: Canon 1DmkIV, Canon 5DMkII, Canon 7D, with cages, monitors, etc…

C. RED Epic Ultralight Camera Package: Full Canon L series glass with nimble support and extras. Dragon upgrade.

D. Ultimate Cinema Package: PL Mount with heavy duty support and everything needed for serious, high-end, large style productions

Pick Your Lights

A. Interview style 3 point lighting kit

B. 1 Ton Grip and Electric package

C. 3-5 Ton Full Cinema-grade Grip and Electric package with truck and trailer

Pick Your Crew

A. (1-2) Solo operator with or without grip

B. (3-4) Director of Photography, Gaffer, Key Grip, Audio tech

C. (5-50) Full Camera, G&E, Sound, Art Dept, Production, etc for 100K budgets and beyond

Pick Your Deliver

A. Raw on Hard Drive, Flash Drive, Offload onto computer and/or shipped

B. Compressed and Uploaded

C. Sight editing, compressed, and Uploaded