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Blare Video is conducting auditions two hosts for a Blu-ray Disc informative series.

This project is for the Blu-Ray Disc Association. The goal is to educate their website visitors about great new qualities of 4k Blu-ray discs technology. To accomplish this we would like to cast 2 hosts to explain the benefits over five 1-1.5 minute videos.
The first video is a general overview, the others cover 4k ultra HD, high dynamic range, wide color gamut and immersive audio. This will be shot over 1 day in the Los Angeles area on the 3rd week of July.

Pay: $750

Roles 1
Name: Professor Pixel
Gender: Male
Age: 25-45
Ethnicity: Any

Character Description: A tech expert whose head may be in the clouds but it’s full of a vast amount of technical knowledge. His charts and graphs are undecipherable and he presents information only other tech-heads will get.

Name: Jaci the Translator
Gender: Female
Age: 21-30
Ethnicity: Any

Character Description: A bright, cheerful tech savvy woman who understands the information ProfessorPixel is presenting but makes the concepts much easier for the viewer to comprehend by showcasing simple graphics and “translating” the tech speak into terms we can all understand.

To audition:
Submit you headshot, resume and reel to

If selected you will then be sent the sides/script. You will need to record yourself delivering the script. You are encouraged to have someone else read with you. Recording with you phone is ok just make sure you record yourself with you phone horizontal (landscape) and not vertical (not portrait). Then you can upload you best takes to vimeo or youtube and send us the link.

Deadline: July 11th, 2017








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