Blare Video has the capabilities to cover and produce any type of live event. We can incorporate an array of HD and Ultra HD Cameras to deliver on quality. We are one of a few companies that can: Shoot switch, edit and stream, and/or broadcast in 4K Resolution.
Live EventEvents differ, and if you are planning on streaming, then HD Cameras and Tricaster might be the best solution.

Our company provides: Cameras, Swtcher, replay slow motion, jibs, live streams and broadcast, intercoms and walkies, cabling, production and film lights, Talley lights, and the team to run it all. You can call and speak to one of our representatives.
While having the nicest equipment is great we understand a proper connection to the Internet and/or Broadcaster is super important. Be assured you will work with an experienced talent crew who can Trouble Shoot should anything unexpected come your way.

Maybe your event doesn’t need to go live, but you need to have it read for a Tape Delay Broadcast under a certain time specification. Blare Media can provide you with an on-sight editing solution. Like the NewTek Virtual Set Editor, which than allows our company to send the finished packet to its destination via Cable, Internet, Fiber, or Satellite.


  • Production Management
  • Talent Casting and/or Booking
  • Director and/or Producers
  • Scripting and copy writing


  • HD & Utra HD Cameras
  • Tricaster Switching / Capture Equipment
  • Slo-Motion & Replay Services
  • Cabling, Walkie and Com Systems
  • Sound Reinforcement
  • Production Sound Capture
  • Production & Filming Lighting Systems
  • Jib & Steady Cam Operations


  • On-Site Edit
  • Live Streaming & Broadcast
  • Encode & Capture
  • Wireless to Internet Live Streaming
  • Satellite & Remote Bandwidth Solutions


  • Sporting Events
  • Concerts
  • Conferences and Corporate Event
  • Found Raisers
  • TV Shows
  • News
  • Last Minute Event Coverage
  • Video Podcasts