Blare Media is casting for a Spanish Voice over talent

Blare Media is casting  for a Spanish female and a male voice for a TV commercial.

Once the talent is selected they will be required to record voice over at our offices in Fresno or Burbank, California.


Estimated time for recording:

Key Female Voice Talent 1 hour.

Male Voice Talent 30 mins.


Key Female Voice Talent has several lines.  Male Voice Talent has 2-3 brief lines.

Pay: $150 Key Female Voice Talent  –  $75 Male Voice Talent

Those auditioning need to record the following lines (through computer, phone etc…) and email the voice samples to  Only the male or female lines are needed on your recorded sample, however, both in one recording are ok.


Key (Female): “La gente de la energia electrica sabe exactamente lo que le cobra a usted por el servicio, y usted, lo sabe?”

(Male): “Su factura Sr.”

Key (Female): “Con los cuatro niveles de servicio que ofrece la energia electrica de California, Mientras mas electricidad se use, mas se paga!”

Key (Female): “Es por eso que la electricidad es uno de los gastos mas grandes que tenemos hoy dia.”

(Male): “Ah! Deje de quejarse”

Key (Female): “A medida que el precio del servicio electrico sube, que esperanza tiene usted de ahorrar dinero?”

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High Dynamic Range in video!

Is it possible to capture High Dynamic Range Imaging  (HDRI or HDR) with a video camera?

HDR techniques have been used by photographers to reproduce an image with greater dynamic range of luminosity than can be achieved by standard digital photographic techniques.

Dynamic Range is the ratio of light to dark in a photograph.  Normally when taking a picture you have to set your exposure to one f-stop. Anything far above that stop will appear very bright sometimes blown out, and something to far below that stop will look too dark. Basically you lose detail in areas that are too bright or too dark.

In a common HDR photographic technique three pictures are take at three different exposures (3 F-Stops), and blended together with editing software that highlight the best part of the picture.  Your final picture will look like something closer to what your eyes see, rather then what the camera sees.

HDR in video started with tone mapped HDR time-lapse videos, essentially a sequence of still photographs in quick succession. Canon SLR camera now allow you to set you timer and multiple exposure setting, thus generating multiple stills that you can string together in a HDR time-lapse.  Great effects, however, is this true HDR video?  Not really!

Enter Red’s Scarlet and Epic Cameras along with its HDRx mode, which lets you film two adjacent exposures in order to give you real-time HDR moving images.  This solves one of the hardest shots in terms of dynamic range, which is shooting in a dark interior with an opening to a bright exterior.  With this function you can set your primary exposure (A frame) for [...]

Blare Media casting for multiple roles!

Blare Media is looking to cast key extras and extras for a local television commercial.
Shooting dates will be from May 7, 2014 to May 9, 2014.
Times and locations will vary depending on roles.
Pay will be $50 for extras and $100 for key extras.
All those auditioning are required to send in a head shot, body shot, resume, and/or video reel to

Role descriptions, target locations, and dates:

Scene: Mural
Shooting Time and Date: 5/07/14, 5pm-6pm
Location: Downtown Porterville
Role: Extras (three) – 3 people walking
Description: Male/Female 20’s-40’s
Wardrobe: Business Casual, Business Suit, and/or Farm Wear

Scene: Bakersfield Sign
Shooting Time and Date 5/07/14, 1pm-2pm
Location: Bakersfield
Role: Key Extra – Jogger
Description: Fit Female Early 30’s
Wardrobe: Active Wear

Scene: Trolley Shot
Shooting Time and Date: 5/07/14, 5pm-6pm
Location: Downtown Visalia
Role: Key Extra- Transit shopper
Description: Female in 30’s
Role: Extra – Man waiting for bus
Description: Male 20’s-30
Wardrobe: Causal for both

Scene: Forest
Shooting Time and Date: 5/08/14, 9pm-11pm
Location: Balch Park, Springville, Ca
Role: Key Extra – Hiker
Description: Male in 30’s
Wardrobe: Hiking wear with backpack

Scene: Fresno Water Tower
Shooting Time and Date: 5/08/14, 5pm-6pm
Location: Downtown Fresno
Role: Extras (two) – People walking
Description: Male and/or Female 30’s-40’s
Wardrobe: business casual and/or casual

Scene: Horse Shot
Shooting Time and Date: 5/09/14, time: TBA
Location: Fresno Area
Role: Key Extra – Man on Horse
Description: Male in 50’s
Wardrobe: business casual and/or casual

Scene: Farm
Shooting Time and Date: 5/09/14, time: TBA
Location: Fresno Area
Role: Key Extra – Farmer on tractor
Wardrobe: Outdoor farm working attire
Description – Man in 40’s-60’s
Role- Extras (two)- Farm [...]

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Casting for a Female Spokesperson

BLARE Media is currently casting for a female spokesperson in the San Jose area. Below are some additional details:

– Be 21 or older but be able to play a teenager in the age rage of 15-19.
– Bilingual in Spanish or Vietnamese is a plus but not required.
– Pay is $300-$900 based on talent, experience and a few other factors.

Below is an example of what we have produced for the client previously.

If you are interested in this role then please contact Randy Cox at randy(at) for additional details.

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

Corporate Video Production


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Is it time to go 4k? – Los Angeles Video Production

By Roy Leon

Whether you are considering your options for you next TV Commercial, Music Video, or Corporate video you owe it to yourself to explore the 4k camera options.  Everyone would like the best quality. However, budgets can limit it.  Many might be surprised to find out the cost that goes with the 4k cameras is not that prohibitive. It is definitely true, especially now with newer, better, and less expensive cameras coming on the market. A warning, just because you have one of the 4k cameras, it does not mean the final product is going to be substantially better. Lenses, lighting, and your camera operator all determine the quality of the final piece. You must have the proper gear and crew to realize the quality increase. With that said, here are some benefits to going with a 4k camera.

First, what is 4k? The actual term is Ultra High Definition (Ultra HD) as oppose to just High Definition (HD). A typical HD Camera shoots in 1920 X 1080 pixels(or close to it). The Red Scarlet, a popular Ultra HD camera, shoots in 4096 x 2160 pixels. To sum it up, an Ultra HD Camera gives you 4 times the pixel output of an HD Camera, which means it is far more detailed and produces a sharper image. As another point of reference, the now almost completely irrelevant Standard Definition (SD) Cameras shoot at a resolution of 720 X 480 pixels.

Plainly put, Ultra HD is better than regular HD, much like HD was better than SD. This makes it easier to conclude that you will see major quality improvements. Here are other [...]

Video Production Directory

Description: is our online community and talent directory for the entertainment industry serving actors, models, voice talent, producers, directors, writers, casting agents, camera operators, crew members and equipment rentals. Its easy-to-use interface and integration with social networking provides an excellent way for talent to showcase their skills and make connections. Production companies can easily find and book talent and crew by viewing reels, headshots, and equipment listings with photos and rates.

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We have a New Website!

We finally finished the redesign of our website. Fortunately we have been busy building websites for our clients, but this left little time to work on updating our website. Our website was 5-years old and in web years it was approaching retirement quickly. Our new website has a full Content Management System (CMS) which allows us to easily update content to our website. When you have a chance please visit our new site and let us know what you think.

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