Blare Video is casting actor for a speaking role in an upcoming TV Commercial.

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Type: Scripted Speaking Role of Lance

Looking for: Male 14-18

Pay: $400

Shoot Date: Mid September (Actual date TBD)

Shoot Location: Kettleman City, California

Audition: Immediately

Instructions: Email a headshot with an audio or compress video recording of the lines of “LANCE” on the script below.  It’s OK to email link if you upload your audition to YouTube.  Whether it’s an audio or a video recording it does not have to be professional (smart phone video or audio ok) we just need to be able to hear you clearly.

Email all headshots, auditions and questions to:

The commercial is to be shot in mid September so those interested need to submit their information immediately!!



In the foreground we see a young man, shelling and eating from a bag of Keenan Farms Pistachios. As he pulls the last, best nut from the bag he looks at it in anticipation. Then he hears a voice.

PIO: “Hey, my name is Pio. What’s yours?”

The guy is stunned and slowly turns the nut, examining it closely. Before long he is charmed by the pistachio’s persona, draws eyes on the shell and begins to chat with it.

LANCE: “Whoa, a talking nut?”

PIO: “You gotta’ name, Buddy?”

LANCE: “Yeah, Lance.”

PIO: “Hold off, Lance. Do you know who I am?”

LANCE (looking at bag): “Yeah, you said your name is Pio and you’re from… (reading label) a Farms in Avenal.”

PIO: “Right, Avenal, California, where I’ve spent almost my entire life… ‘til I met you.”

LANCE: “Okay, I’ll bite. What’s life like for a pistachio on… Avenal Farms?”

PIO: “Ahhh, to answer that I’ll need a few minutes of your time.”

LANCE: “Okay, shoot!”