Common Questions

Q - How long should I expect before I receive a final product?
A – Average time frames are around two months start to finish; however, every project is different. If you have a deadline that needs to be met, full productions can be done in two weeks.
Q - Do I need to write my own script?
A – This is your choice; we are more than happy to create a final script for you based on your company information and the outline for the video that we create together.
Q - What if my video needs some filmwork done in another location besides Seattle or Washington?
A – Not a problem. We have filmed all over the United States and then can edit your project in our studio afterwards.
Q - How many cameras does it take to create a video?
A- Surprisingly most videos only require one camera. However, we do recommend two or three for live event coverage because retakes aren’t an option.
Q - Where do we get actors for our video?
A – If you aren’t using in-house employees we will provide you with demo reels from candidates until you find the one(s) you like.
Q - Do I need to be on location when the video production takes place?
A – No. We can have a strategy meeting to outline the storyboard beforehand and provide a director.
Q - Do you offer wedding videography as well?
A – Yes we do and there are several advantages of using a full production company versus a person that specializes in weddings:
– better equipment
– more reliable; wedding videographers come and go
– better video quality
Q - Bottom line, how much does it cost?
A – Video production in Seattle tends to start at $3900, but the price range will vary based on the options you choose for your project. We’ll do everything possible to meet your budget. Some of the factors that influence the cost include:
– the number of cameras
– actors needed
– if you need a director
– miscellaneous equipment needed
– animation in the video